The Center for Computational Science has a wide array of resources available to the University of Miami community.  Additional information regarding these resources are available through pages in the individual Focus areas.

High Performance Computing

Systems and Resources
Our computational resources encompass a wide range of processors and system architectures and support several paradigms including massively and embarrassingly parallel applications.

HPC Core Expertise
The HPC group has in-depth experience in various scientific research areas with extensive experience in parallelizing or distributing codes written in Fortran, C, Java, Perl, Python and R. The HPC team is active in contributing to Open Source software efforts including: R, Python, the Linux Kernel, Torque, Maui, XFS and GFS. The team also specializes in scheduling software (LSF) to optimize the efficiency of the HPC systems and adapt codes to the CCS environment. The HPC core also has a great deal of expertise in parallelizing code using both MPI and OpenMP depending on the programming paradigm. CCS has contributed several parallelization efforts back to the community in projects such as R, WRF, and HYCOM.

The core specializes in implementing and porting open source codes to CCS’ environment and often contributes changes back to the community. CCS currently supports more than 300 applications and optimized libraries on its computing environment. The core personnel are experts in implementing and designing solutions in the three different variants of Unix. CCS also maintains industry research partnerships with IBM, Schrodinger, Open Eye, and DDN.

Service Centers
The Center offers expertise and products through established UM Service Centers.

Data Mining and Bioinformatics Services Center
The Data Ming and Bioinformatics Services Center offers a wide array of data analysis services.  Analyses are undertaken by our skilled analysts and overseen by our experienced faculty. Expertise includes microarray data and next generation sequencing data.  The group also offers expertise in general data mining, pattern discovery, machine learning, and other algorithmic development for data analysis.

High Performance Computing Services Center
The High Performance Computing (HPC) core is a newly established university wide services core with a mission to provide the University of Miami’s academic community with comprehensive HPC resources ranging from hardware infrastructure to expertise in designing and implementing HPC solutions.

Software Engineering Services Center
The Software Engineering team provides expertise in the areas of systems design, development, implementation and integration. The software engineering team also provides technical expertise and the project management team provides leadership and coordination for systems projects.