All accounts on the Pegasus2 supercomputer require a CCS account, an allocation of CPU hours and temporary disk space.  After registering with CCS all University of Miami students and faculty will be granted an account on the system with the following limits:

  • Students and Post-Doctoral Assistants: Up to 50,000 CPU hours per year
  • Faculty and full-time staff: Up to 100,000 CPU hours per year

For allocation requests that will exceed these amounts, your group leader will need to provide a justification to the allocations committee for the requested resources.

CCS strongly encourages all personnel to file requests above these limits.  The allocation data are strictly for tracking purposes not for determining appropriateness of requests.  CCS will make every effort to accommodate all users of the Pegasus2 system.

If you do not already have a CCS account fill out the CCS account request form located here:

(note: this website is only available within UM campuses). You will still need to access the allocation request page (see below) to obtain automatic 50K CPU hour allocations for students and post-docs and 100K CPU hour allocations for faculty and staff.

Once you have received confirmation of your account creation (or if you already have a CCS account), please fill out the Pegasus2 allocation request form located here:

Group leaders will need to coordinate among their group and separately apply for allocation larger that the 50K and 100K levels noted above. The above web site describes the process for larger allocations.

Allocations are divided into different classes and have different justification requirements.  Allocation justifications are also required for experiments that will use more than 2TB of data.  Please be aware that disk allocations on Pegasus2 are only for data that is currently being processed.  Data left after processing will be purged automatically.

Be aware that allocations are for one year.  If you exceed your requested allocation you, your running priority will drop.  You will be able to request one additional allocation within the same calendar year.  CCS strongly encourages users to apply for allocations above the minimum levels.  Information about your account is available when you log into Pegasus2.