Research Highlights (Archive)

Research Highlights


  • Malusa F, Zaki N, Badidi E, Cinti C, Capobianco E. “Time-course Gene Expression Profiling and Networks Dynamics in Demethylated Retinoblastoma cell line.” Oncotarget, 2015 in press.
  • Mora A, Taranta M, Zaki N, Cinti C, Capobianco E. “Epigenetically-driven Network Cooperativity: Meta-analysis in Multi-Drug Resistant Osteosarcoma.” Journal of Complex Networks, 2015, in press.
  • Dominietto M, Tsinoremas N, Capobianco E. “Integrative Analysis of Cancer Imaging Readouts by Networks.” Molecular Oncology, 2015, 9(1), 1-16.
  • Mora, A., Sicari, R., Cortigiani, L., Carpeggiani, C., Picano, E., Capobianco, E. (2014). “Prognostic Models in Coronary Artery Disease – Cox and Network Approaches.” Royal Society Open Science. DOI: 10.1098/rsos.140270 Published 11 February 2015
  • E. Kleiman, D. Salyakina, M. de Heusch, K.L. Hoek, I. Castro, J.A. Wright, E.S. Clark, J.M. Llanes, D. Dykxhoorn, E. Capobianco, J.C. Renauld, W.N. Khan (2014). “Dynamic Transcriptional Program Fosters Peripheral Tolerance and Functional Specialization of Mature Splenic B cell Populations.” Frontiers in Immunology, 11 February 2015,
  • Marranci A, Tuccoli , Mercoledi E, Vitiello M, Valdes C, Russo F, Dal Monte M, Pellegrini M, Capobianco E, Tsinoremas N, Poliseno L. “Identification of BRAF 3’UTR isoforms in melanoma.” Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 2015 Jun; 135(6):1694-7. doi: 10.1038/jid.2015.47
  • Capobianco E. and Lio’ P. “Comorbidity: Beyond Correlation. Journal of Complex Networks.” 2015: cnu048v1-cnu048. doi: 10.1093/comnet/cnu048
  • Clarke B, Valdes C, Dobra A, Clarke J. “A Bayes Testing Approach to Metagenomic Profiling in Bacteria. Statistics and Its Interface.” 2015, In press.
  • Comorbidity: a multidimensional approach, presented by E. Capobianco and published in a Cell Journal, provides a novel view of comorbidity. Abstract
  • Daria Salyakina receives an NIH award for her project entitled, “Identification of Novel Viruses Associated with Malignant Diseases.” The objective of the proposed research is to develop a computational pipeline to improve our technological ability to detect and identify new viruses associated with the disease; and to determine genetic variables associated with these viruses.  Project Summary
  • Enrico Capobianco receives an award on his project entitled, “3Moons: Modular, Multiscale, Multiomic OncOlogy Networks”. This proposal aims at advancing the field of cancer systems biology by the introduction of a novel three‐phase network inference approach. Project Summary