An IBM BladeCenter cluster is available for compute-intensive simulations and data analysis tasks. The cluster, named Pegasus running under Linux operation system, consists of 280 computing nodes each with 8 Xeon 2.6 GHz cores and 16 GB of memory, and 700 computing nodes each with 4 Opteron 2.2 Ghz core and 4 GB of memory. These nodes are interconnected by Gigabit Ethernet and feature a 21 TB NFS file system. This system provides an aggregate 5,040 cores and 7.3 TB of memory.

These systems are configured to provide a development and job running environment similar to those that are available in other HPC centers. Portland Group, Intel and GNU Fortran, C/C++ compilers, numerical libraries including Portland groups ACML, Intel’s Math Kernel Library (MKL), GSL and IO libraries including NetCDF are installed on these systems. The LSF job scheduler and resource management system is used manage production jobs.