User Accounts and Access

User accounts are available for all University of Miami, faculty, staff and students. Please visit the accounts application page to request an account.

Logging In:

Users with active accounts may access the Ares p-575 cluster by logging on via SSH to the “” login node. Note: A VPN connection is required if logging in from outside the university network

For example,

$ ssh's password: 

NOTE: Windows users will require a SSH Client application to access the CCS Machines. A simple and free client is PUTTY available from

Please note that you will be logged out of the machine after 5 hours of idle time.

Home Environment, Storage and Data Transfers

Operating System, Shells, Editors & Tools

The operating system on Ares cluster is IBM’s AIX Version 5.3 L. Korn shell is the default login shell but other popular shells, for instance, bash, csh, tcsh, are available. Contact user support to change your default login shell. Both vi (Vim) and Emacs editors are available. GNU version of common unix utilities are installed in /opt/freeware/bin; for instance, g++, gawk, gcc, gdp, gmake, gnuplot, and gstat.


All active users are allocated a home directory at /nethome/userid, where userid is the assigned CCS account ID used to log into all CCS clusters. Two logical storage areas, WORKDIR and ARCHIVE, are created by default under the home directory. Storage quotas are not implemented at the user level but rather at the PI/Director (group) level. Each PI/Director is allocated 100GB for HOME, 250G for WORKDIR and 1 TB for ARCHIVE directories. The PI/Director (group) is responsible for the management of storage within his/her group. Home directories are intended primarily for basic account information and source codes etc. WORKDIR should be used for compiles and run-time input and output files, and are available on all nodes of the cluster. Untouched data older than 3 weeks is subject to purging. The ARCHIVE directory is meant for temporary storage of results and may not be available from all nodes.Table 1 summarizes the CCS storage allocations.

Table 1: Summary of Default CCS Storage Allocation for Ares
Name Purpose Quota/PI Purge Policy Back Up Policy Free Service
HOME small files, codes etc. 100 GB not purged not backed up Yes
WORKDIR compilation, run-time files 250 GB purged not backed up Yes
ARCHIVE storage 1 TB not purged not backed up No

Transferring Files & Data

Secure copy (SCP) and secure FTP (SFTP) are the preferred means to transfer file and data between Ares and local machines. For example:

userid1@localhost$ scp file.tar's password: file.tar 100% |*******************************| 120 00:00 userid1@localhost$