An IBM p-575 cluster is available for computing-intensive simulations and data analysis tasks. The p-575 cluster, named ares running under AIX operation system, consists of 36 SMP nodes each with 16 Power 5 cores and 32 GB of memory. These nodes are interconnected by a High Performance Switch (HPS) and feature a 35 TB Global Parallel File System (GPFS). This system is currently the primary computing resource and provides an aggregate 576 CPUs and 1.2 TB of memory.

These systems are configured to provide a development and job running environment similar to those that are available in other HPC centers. IBM and GNU Fortran and C/C++ compilers, numerical libraries including ESSL, PESSL, MASS, LAPACK, BLAS, and IO libraries including NetCDF and HDF, are installed. The Load Leveler job scheduler and resource management system are used to manage production jobs.

The most up-to-date information on the current status of Ares can be viewed here. Figure 1 presents an example on the status of Ares at on 16 July 2009, and the system is under moderate usage. Note that the system status can only be accessed within the university network. If you want to obtain the system status from an off-campus computer; e.g., at home or during the travel, you will have to set up a VPN connection to the university first. More information about the university VPN connection can be found here. Free free to contact us to report any technical difficulties or abnormal patterns you happen to notice from the system status.