Acknowledgement Requirements of CCS

Use of CCS resources constitutes an agreement to acknowledge the Center and to provide copies of any publication or news stories concerning research conducted in collaboration with Center staff, and/or using our systems and/or services.

Please send or e-mail links to submitted manuscripts, published materials, and/or news stories to:

Evelyn Cruz
1320 S. Dixie Highway
Gables One Tower, Suite 600
Locator Code 2965
Miami, FL 33146

How to acknowledge CCS

This research was conducted in collaboration with and using the resources of the University of Miami Center for Computational Science.

Why acknowledge CCS

The Center for Computational Science is an investment of the University of Miami for cutting edge resources. Proper acknowledgment makes the Center visible and provides a measure of the impact the Center has on the University of Miami, which may translate into continuation of funding.

When to acknowledge CCS

Acknowledgement should occur in any instance where work performed was in collaboration with and/or using the resources at the Center for Computational Science.

Where to acknowledge CCS

scholarly reports