About Us

Letter from the Director

Computational Science is widely recognized as a critical means to solving many of today’s most challenging problems.  The analysis and knowledge gained from working with the incredible data explosion produced by massive experiments, observations, and computer-generated models is leading to solutions at an unimagined pace. Data-Intensive discovery (the fourth paradigm of scientific research), and Multi-Scale Interdisciplinary approaches are becoming more prevalent in the way that Science and Engineering is generating knowledge. The speed at which scientific disciplines advance depends in large part on how effectively researchers collaborate with one another, and with expert technologists, in areas including workflow management, data management, data mining, decision support, visualization, and cloud computing.  The University of Miami’s Center for Computational Science (CCS) provides a nexus where all of these approaches are integrated in support of scientific research.

The CCS has rapidly emerged as a leading center providing the cyber infrastructure to address these major challenges, and is now among the nation’s top academic centers, as well as the leading center in the state of Florida.

More than one thousand University of Miami faculty, students, and research staff collaborate with the CCS on a diverse and often interdisciplinary set of projects, many funded by highly competitive research grants.  The Center provides extraordinary intellectual, hardware, and software resources to our partners across the entire University.  The CCS manages major high performance computer systems that supports  work in fields such as genomics, computational biology, marine ecosystems, ocean modeling, climate and meteorology, computational economics, computational fluid dynamics applied to engineering models, and social systems informatics, to name a few.   The Center includes a professional software engineering group who collaborates with the research community to provide high level data management and software solutions that enable the effective and efficient dissemination of information.

Recognizing the central role of the ever-growing body of data, the CCS also focuses on data mining, and supports a very large state-of -the-art data storage system.

We are proud to be collaborating with industrial and other external partners, and welcome new relationships to find innovative solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Dr. Nicholas Tsinoremas, CCS Director, an international leader in computational genomics and bioinformatics, brings over 20 years of academic and industrial experience to the University of Miami.